Elon Musk Deleted His Fake Twitter Account to Block Court Discovery

From the pile of things Elon Musk does because he believes he is above the law, here’s an egregious example.

Another troubling issue should be noted for context. During his deposition, Musk was asked about a Twitter account called @ermnmusk that he was rumored to use. (Id. at 44:11-12; see also Ex. 2, @ermnmusk account).

Musk testified that he used the account during the summer of 2023, which means he viewed and interacted with tweets on this account around the time when Brody was defamed. (Id. at 45:17). Thus, information Musk interacted with on this account near the time of the defamation could be relevant to Brody’s claims.

However, when Plaintiff ’s counsel checked the account after the deposition, they discovered it had been deleted. According to @BigTechAlert, an automated bot that tracks Twitter activity, it appears the @ermnmusk account was deleted on or about February 21, 2024…

This deletion is alarming because February 21, 2024 is the date of the Court’s discovery order. In other words, after almost a year of inactivity on the account and with no recent public discussion about it, it appears Musk chose to delete the account on the day the Court ordered discovery to go forward…

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