Boring Company “tunnel of aggression” Stopped by Las Vegas Officials Due to Risks to Public Safety

Everyone knows the Boring Company is just another sad fraud right?

At best it’s a military intelligence slush fund for quietly studying the latest North Korean and Iranian methods of technology-driven warfare.

At worst, Boring is a way for Elon Musk to literally undermine public transit safety and fleece taxpayers into his infamously flawed and overpriced death carriages instead of sensible trains, trolleys and buses.

Workers at the Elon Musk–owned tunneling startup the Boring Company accidentally exposed the foundations of two pillars supporting Las Vegas’s elevated monorail train last year, forcing county officials to temporarily halt service on the public transit system on at least one occasion, according to documents obtained by Fortune.

The incidents, which affected the monorail linking some of the most popular casinos and hotels adjacent to the famed Las Vegas “strip,” caused officials to briefly declare a portion of the monorail an “unsafe structure” in one violation notice issued in June.

The security breaches keep piling up for yet another Elon Musk company that can’t seem to engineer anything right, which means it ends up being exposed for negligence if not incompetence.

North Korea undoubtedly is intently watching this underground failure circus for ideas on how to do more harms.

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