Babies For Sale: Abortion Bans Fueled by Groups That Profit From Human Trafficking

One writer in 2021 framed the danger of “pro-life” human trafficking groups as a lesson from U.S. history.

We’ve been here before, of course—most recently in the decades from 1945 to 1973, now known as the “Baby Scoop” era, when more than 1.5 million pregnant girls and women in the U.S. were sent away to maternity homes to surrender children in secret. By the 1960s, more than 200 homes for unmarried pregnant women were operating across 44 states. Parents, often counseled by religious leaders, sent their daughters away to these homes to wait out their pregnancies and relinquish their babies…

While this discription seems like a massive operation, it still stands as an understatement of the horrible system that has been destroying life globally.

Ireland, for just one example, reports that money spent by U.S. families to steal babies from mothers in a state sanctioned practice is so high as to be incalculable.

The National Archives of Ireland contain just a few snippets, but they are enough to make clear that State officials in 1950s Ireland knew the country was a centre for illegal international baby trafficking. The number of children involved can’t even be guessed at, but we can be sure they were all “illegitimate”.

Ireland was regarded as a “hunting ground”, in the words of a senior civil servant, where foreigners in search of babies could easily obtain illegitimate children from mother-and-baby homes and private nursing homes, then remove them from the State without any formalities.

There were both legal and illegal adoptions. During the 1950s up to 15 per cent of all illegitimate Irish children born in mother-and-baby homes each year were taken to the United States with the full knowledge of the State. In total more than 2,000 illegitimate children were removed from the country in this way. Most were adopted by wealthy American Catholics.

And then looking at Canada the reports seem even worse, allegedly stealing children from mothers to change identities in a destructive tragic loop of anti-abortion lobbying.

Indigenous people who were “scooped” up from their families as children during the 1960s through the 1980s and placed with non-Native families in a massive foster care program dubbed the Sixties Scoop are suing for loss of cultural heritage and family ties.

It was kidnapping, taking children as hostages, to be honest.

Sixties Scoop: ‘They just wanted to remove an Indian child into a white home’

Did you realize anti-abortion groups were behind this?

The state-run system of human trafficking even caused horrific deaths, which were covered up with secret mass graves.

Reports of such remains began in May 2021, when an Indigenous community in British Columbia announced that it had located what it said appeared to be 215 unmarked graves of former pupils at the now-closed Kamloops Indian Residential School in the province. The revelations have been seen as further proof of the brutality of a now-defunct system of education for Indigenous children that a national commission declared a form of “cultural genocide.”

The educational system included about 130 largely church-run schools set up by the Canadian government in the 19th century, and lasted until the 1990s. It took Indigenous children from their communities, sometimes by force, and barred the use of their languages and cultural practices, sometimes violently. Thousands of students are believed to have died at the schools from disease, malnutrition, neglect, accidents, fires and violence.

An apology for the anti-abortion lobby serving as a funnel into human rights abuses, including torture and death, did not materialize until 2022.

“Sadly, it took the discovery of mass graves and the realization of murder, rape, and enslavement to trigger a response from the Vatican,” the head of Canada’s Survival Network for Those Abused By Priests, known as SNAP, Brenda Brunelle said in a statement to The Daily Beast.

To be clear, the Catholic church used to support women in their right to choose and to get an abortion. What changed?

Historians point out that 150 years ago, in the wake of the Civil War end to American slavery (end to state sanctioned profits from human trafficking), power struggles erupted over controlling written speech.

The Catholic Church once allowed for abortions. Everything changed in 1873. Until the 1880s, abortions were morally acceptable and legal, with even the Catholic Church approving of the procedure before ‘quickening.’ Historians say the desire to ban the procedure had more to do with business than women’s health.

1871 and 1872 were notable because the federal government crushed the first wave of the KKK. And then…

Abortion suddenly was denounced as being “obscene,” resulting in targeted suppression of discussion about women’s bodies. This censorship was utilized in campaigns advocating for forced births, with the aim of either facilitating adoption by white families to bolster their vote numbers or enabling an early demise of unwanted children, particularly non-whites targeted by a human trafficking system orchestrated by white men.

Policies directed at state control over women’s political agency were deceptively branded as “anti-obscenity” measures in order to justify eroding privacy, even regarding the most intimate thoughts and experiences.

Consequently, the right to privacy re-emerged as a vital element in the 1960s discourse on reproductive rights, especially given the inherently repressive and degrading nature of the pro-life movement that carried a sordid history of buying, killing and burying children.

If this all sounds familiar, that might be because Elon Musk, known for his outspoken ignorant views on population growth and birth rates, is no stranger to being on the wrong side of history while provoking this exact controversy.

He literally says more babies must be generated as quickly as possible to prevent dangerous population decline, while warning non-white population growth is a threat … to voting.

It’s worth noting that his grandfather fled Canada after being convicted as a national security risk, highlighting their connections to misogynist extremism, including present-day associations with Nazism. Musk’s resulting regressive stance on reproductive rights, as highlighted by the U.S. Government in December 2023, appears to be driven by his racist ideology and the aim of shaping power through a population that aligns with twisted notions of forced births and racial purity, as discussed in a recent interview.

Musk, who himself is a father to nine children, has long shared his ideas of procreation and population decline posing a threat to civilisation. Last year, the billionaire tweeted that “population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilisation than global warming.” In July 2022, Musk echoed a similar sentiment about declining birth rates after news broke that he secretly fathered secret twins with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis. “Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far,” he tweeted, making light of the reports. “I hope you have big families and congrats to those who already do!”

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  1. This is horrifying. To think that the Qs have been screaming about PizzaGate and baby farming, but it turns out the call was coming from within their own house this whole time.

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