Tesla Cyberhammer Is Yet Another Nazi Dog Whistle

I’ve already written about Tesla extensively using the white supremacist symbol 88 in their marketing material.

It’s very strange to me that people don’t see the company shouting the white supremacist tag 88 (“Heil Hitler”) all over the place as being obvious enough evidence of Nazism.

So here’s yet another example from Tesla that I was just asked about.

What’s the story behind a car company registering the term “Cyberhammer” at the start of 2024 and then recently announcing they would be giving actual branded hammers away?

Let’s start with the very precise number of hammers announced, because it matters.

We got #29 of 800 Tesla CyberHammers out there. I spent 35,000 referral points to get it, and you can’t actually buy it with cash. A simple design, it only comes in matte black…

Someone at Tesla probably decided 88 would be too few and maybe even overused symbolism, so they went with one of Hitler’s favorite numbers instead: only 800 hammers are being made to be “earned”.

In his mind, Hitler’s “thousand-year Reich” would serve as the natural conclusion of a process that he traced back to the coronation of Charlemagne in 800.

Nazis see the number 800 as a reference the starting year of the First Reich. Perhaps even more important they also reference it as a starting number of adherents to a nascent Third Reich.

Notably, a specific event in October 1922 allegedly involved 800 NSDAP members instructed by Hitler to unleash mob violence and abruptly seize control of a local German government.

Source: Walton Academy, UK

These 800 men (more likely around 600) known as the “Zug Nach Coburg” hammered against democracy, achieving mythical significance for Nazis and especially Hitler, which sparks debate even to this day.

How can you annotate an 800-page monologue exposing Hitler’s insane worldview? After every single line [of Mein Kampf] you would have to write, ‘Hitler is wrong here’…

The violent march of 800 men on a small town, in other words, was detailed in Hitler’s 1925 propaganda that infamously swept up readers. Coburg then became the first town in Germany to put the NSDAP in power and the first to gift Hitler honorary citizenship. By 1931 the swastika flag officially was raised for the first time in front of a German government building… in Coburg.

We should think about contextualizing 800 adherents “earning” hammers, just like 88, as a significant reference point for Nazis today signaling intent to forcibly destroy America.

Why then hammers?

Does the name Cyberhammer seem odd, contradictory and irrelevant to a car company promoting “futurist” technology? Here’s the simple explanation for why it is very on brand.

Thor’s Hammer symbol has been appropriated by neo-Nazis and other white supremacists…

On it’s own a hammer would not have raised alarms, yet Tesla has the long and obvious habit of numbers that whistle to white supremacists.

Source: Potomic Books, February 2012, 978-1-59797-857-6

Tesla bothered to announce exactly 800 hammers, as if trying to troll for a violent anti-democratic mob like it’s October 1922 again.

And although people describe it as a “simple design”, the hammer has the particular word “FRANZ” prominently written. It could be any Franz, even a Franz who works at Tesla, but come on…

Franz von Papen was instrumental in promoting Adolf Hitler to become chancellor of Germany in 1933, which violently smashed democracy, as retold in a 1980s film infamous among white supremacists based in Texas.

Pink performs a song in which he expresses a desire to line all of the “queers,” “Jews,” and “coons” in his audience “up against the wall” and shoot them. In obvious references to the Holocaust, he sings of the “final solution” and “waiting to turn on the showers and fire the ovens.” The swastika is replaced by Pink’s symbol: two crossed hammers, which he boasts will “batter down” the doors behind which frightened minorities hide from his fascist supporters.

The swastika is replaced by hammers. 800 of them.

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