Facebook Co-Founder Says Tesla is the New Enron

Over a year ago I wrote how Tesla has become an Enron and gets away with it. It was serious, although I couldn’t help including the sardonic Enron logo.

I’d like to think this at least made a ripple in the news, if not more.

And in 2020 I wrote a little poem about Silicon Valley, which I’m certain nobody paid any attention.

Woke? That’s accountability.

Hate woke? That’s Enron-level hatred for accountants.

To Jalopnik’s credit, three days ago they came up with something much catchier.

Go anti-woke? Go broke.

Today I noticed a very small Threads post already making huge waves and headlines, while claiming to “sound crazy”.

Source: Facebook

That is the much followed account of Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook and Asana, saying out loud what I’ve been saying on this blog for years already.

Welcome everyone to the slow countdown to Tesla’s financial bankruptcy (given its moral bankruptcy arrived around 2014, which I warned by 2016 was leading to a modern day Titanic).

Related: Tesla bogus safety gimmicks have been killing a lot of people and the fraudulent brand should be banned from public roads.

Source: New Yorker, April 16, 1966

One thought on “Facebook Co-Founder Says Tesla is the New Enron”

  1. Tesla is the biggest offender of graph crime I’ve ever seen in industry. Bad data, misleading data, unlabeled axes, inconsistent labels. It just goes on and on.

    One doesn’t post horrible graphs like this consistently unless they’ve got something to hide. Or they’re incompetent. Or both.

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