CA Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Off a Cliff

A few days ago a Chinese family searched for answers from Tesla to understand why a brand new model would suddenly veer off a cliff at high speed to kill their loved ones.

Today a similar story is in the California news.

A motorist died Tuesday after a Tesla plunged hundreds of feet down an embankment on Highway 50 in Northern California’s high Sierra, according to the California Highway Patrol. Officers were alerted to the incident just before 11:30 a.m. in which the vehicle veered off westbound lanes near a Chevron gas station several miles east of Pollock Pines near the Fresh Pond community, according to the CHP’s dispatch log. Officer Andrew Brown, a spokesman for the CHP’s Placerville office, said he didn’t immediately know what led to the Tesla crash; it was unclear if the Tesla collided with any other vehicles.

With so many cases of “veered” Tesla crashes like this, probability is high that presence of any other vehicle would have meant more tragedy. Only the Tesla driver was found harmed, nearly 400 feet down from a cliff edge.

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