CA Tesla Kills Three in “Veered” Crash That Knocked Out Critical Infrastructure

On May 2nd I posted that a Tesla veered into a West Covina utility pole and killed the occupant.

That case brought to mind what a “driverless” planned attack on critical infrastructure could look like, given how these remotely controlled robots are operating without regulation on public roads.

The thick black tire skid marks, a utility pole knocked to 45 degrees… apparently all that was foreshadowing.

Today from Pasadena (just 20 miles away) we have even more shocking and tragic news, with almost the exact same “veered” storyline into a pole, and three more dead.

The tragic incident unfolded at approximately 2:38 a.m. when a Tesla Model 3 veered off the road and slammed into an unoccupied building in the 2300 block of Foothill Boulevard, according to Lt. Anthony Russo of the Pasadena Police Department.


Investigators planned to look into whether the Tesla’s autopilot feature was engaged at the time of the crash.

Russo said the driver lost control at a curve and hit a curb, sending the vehicle into the air. It then struck two city light poles, a utility pole, and a building and caused a widespread outage that left an estimated 500 homes and businesses in the dark.

This time Tesla took the infrastructure down like an unguided missile.

Surveillance footage from the area shows the moments that the Tesla hurtles down the street and runs through a red light shortly before a bright flash can be seen, which is presumably when the crash took place.

Police say that the driver, 22-years-old, was going at least double the 35 mile per hour speed limit, if not closer to 100 miles per hour.

Runs a red light. Double the posted speed. The Kamikaze inside this robotic munition was 22.

Ban Tesla on national security concerns? It seems obvious when you read the news every day.

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