Russian Jets Increasingly Drop Bombs On Russia Instead of Ukraine

A clumsy unguided Russian large bomb often is configured to blindly spread hundreds of small clusters of explosives, which will make a targeted area uninhabitable for generations of civilians and military alike.

The UK Ministry of Defence is trying to get the word out that Russians are increasingly being bombed by Russia.

Such incidents appear to be becoming increasingly common, with [Russian independent Telegram channel] Astra reporting that “at least 21 aerial bombs” had accidentally been dropped by Russian forces on Russian or Russian-occupied territory between March and April 2024.

As you can see below, in just one example from a single Russian bomb, thirty Russian homes with ten cars were destroyed.

To the outside observer these are huge problems with major consequences.

Training failures and fatigue are suggested, although the elephant in the room is an alternate perspective, how the dictator doesn’t care about bombing his own citizens, just like he throws away his troops’ lives. Training and rest don’t fix problems that are never allowed to be seen as problems.

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