Tesla FSD Slams Into Parked Police Car, Ignoring Flares and Flashing Lights, Nearly Killing Two Officers

The Tesla robot owner (e.g. soldier of Elon Musk) admitted to doing what the CEO told them to do, following orders to handle their robot as if it has the capability to drive itself.

A Fullerton Police Department officer was investigating a fatal crash around 12:04 a.m. near Orangethorpe and Courtney Avenues, according to a department news release. The officer was managing traffic at the time and emergency flares had been placed on the road.

The officer was standing outside his patrol vehicle, with its emergency lights on, and managed to jump out of the way before the driver of a blue Tesla crashed into his car, authorities said. A police dispatcher, who was riding in the patrol vehicle, also moved out of the way of the crash. […]

The Tesla driver admitted he was operating the vehicle in self-driving mode while using his cellphone, police said.

Police car with flares deployed and flashing its lights crushed by Tesla using FSD. Source: ABC7
A driver in a Tesla Model S crashed into a police cruiser in Orange County while operating in full self-driving mode earlier Thursday morning. Source: Los Angeles Times (OC Hawk)

A driver not paying attention is exactly why Tesla was just forced by regulators to issue a huge recall. And so this crash begs the question whether that recall effort was bogus.

The federal government’s main auto safety agency said on Friday that it was investigating Tesla’s recall of its Autopilot driver-assistance system because regulators were concerned that the company had not done enough to ensure that drivers remained attentive while using the technology.

Yeah. Fraud again. Without it, there would be no Tesla. Can’t even do a recall right. How bad are they? So bad, it’s hard to believe they are even allowed in public. Tesla needs to be reclassified by regulators as a sad clown car fit only for a circus.

NHTSA said there were gaps in Tesla’s telematic data reporting on crashes involving Autopilot since the automaker primarily gets data from crashes involving air bag deployments, which account for only about one-fifth of police-reported crashes. …evidence that “Tesla’s weak driver engagement system was not appropriate for Autopilot’s permissive operating capabilities” that result in a “critical safety gap.” …”foreseeable driver misuse of the system played an apparent role.” NHTSA noted Tesla’s December recall “allows a driver to readily reverse” the software update.

Wow, Tesla has killed over 500 people so far and we’re seeing investigation of only a fifth? Imagine airplanes crashing and 80% of the time going without reporting or investigation.

The police officer fortunately defied death in this latest case by remaining very alert. He took evasive action to avoid the incoming attack by Tesla capabilities.

A Fullerton Police Department spokesperson said the officer was standing outside his vehicle around midnight when he saw a Tesla driving in his direction and not slowing down.

The officer was able to jump out of the way as the Tesla slammed into the police car, spinning the patrol vehicle around and causing major damage to its front end.

We’re waiting to hear if it was the latest software, but it really doesn’t matter. Engineers still haven’t fixed the problem that caused their first fatality using Tesla driverless software in 2016.

Think hard about that.

Even flashing lights on service vehicles hasn’t been figured out yet by Tesla, despite eight years of high profile deaths and harm to public safety from their fraud. Nearly a decade of false promises about “driverless” products, while constantly crashing into things, which only has been getting worse if you follow this blog.

Move fast and undermine democracy?

It seems entirely plausible in this context that the big Tesla 8/8 (“Heil Hitler”) Robot Nazi launch date may include the call from Elon Musk to overthrow law and order — a directive to his millions of believers to distractedly allow their robots to deploy as soldiers and increase their rate of killing American government workers such as first responders.

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