CA Tesla Kills One: Crashes Into Scooter From Behind

Similar to the many other cases of Tesla driverless failing to see motorcycles and killing riders, this one just ran over a scooter like it was designed to kill.

Around 2:54 a.m., CHP officers responded to a call of a crash involving a motorist and a pedestrian just south of Taylor Street. The pedestrian, a 23-year-old from San Jose, was actually riding a Lime brand scooter, authorities said; he was northbound on the freeway before he was hit by a 2021 Tesla, which was also traveling north.

The scooter rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

This 24 year old Tesla owner, likely asleep at 3 a.m. on a highway while driving at high speed from behind over a scooter, has so far not been charged with vehicular homicide.

Related, a driver in Los Angeles has been criminally charged for the same crash as this one, running over a motorcycle from behind… before a Tesla FSD ignored flares, reflective signs and flashing lights to crash into a Police car at the scene.

In other words, suspected DUI now should be seen as equivalent to suspected FSD because Tesla is fraud — robot design as blind and deadly as seriously impaired drivers.

At the time of the crash… driving at more than 100 mph toward a red light without slowing down, prosecutors said.

That sounds exactly like the Tesla robot design to me, since it’s become notorious for ignoring red lights and running over and into people.

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