“Safety Comes Last”: Experts Warn Against Getting in a Tesla

Experts all over continue sounding an alarm, telling people not to get in a Tesla, and not to let friends or family get in one either.

Brooks, the executive director for Center for Auto Safety, thought it was “absurd” to blame the firefighters for not knowing how to open the car.

“It’s not the firefighters’ fault that Tesla chose electronic door latches that don’t have proper emergency safeguards,” he said.

Tesla has manual release doors for when you are inside the car and unable to get out, but they are unmarked, unlike seatbelts and airbags. Brooks said this was Tesla’s choice to put “form over function,” that was ultimately “unsafe.”

“When there’s not a federal standard that specifies how these vehicles are to be made, Tesla very rarely chooses routes that are safe,” Brooks noted. “They’re usually choosing something glitzy: safety comes last.”

Brooks added this incident contributed to an overall “failure in Tesla’s safety culture.”

Firefighters smashed a Tesla window to rescue a Toddler from death, after the car locked all the doors and wouldn’t open without following a complicated, error-prone and mostly unknown procedure.

Monkeys banging on a keyboard couldn’t design a worse car.

[Opening the car doors from outside] involves opening a three-inch circle near the front of the car called a toe cover, pulling out the cables within it, and connecting those cables to an external power supply (like a portable jump starter). That would allow the hood of the trunk to open, giving drivers access to the 12-voltage battery, which they could then jumpstart.


Related, Tesla had no worries remotely popping a door open when the Police asked them to help arrest someone inside.

So you’re not safe in a Tesla because can’t get in… and you’re not safe in a Tesla because can get in.

Same story over and over again.

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