FL Tesla Kills One With “Veered” Crash Into Tree

Another case of FSD failing to navigate a curve?

…Hickory Tree Road in a 2018 Telsa Model X. At some point, the driver lost control on a curve, which caused the Tesla to run off the road and hit a tree, troopers said. The impact caused the Tesla to go up in flames.

A morning drive near the intersection of Hickory Tree and Nursery turns deadly because of a curve? Here’s what that intersection looks like.

Source: Google Maps

No curve? A view towards Nursery from the other direction, however, shows a likely area where the Tesla simply slid off the road into a tree instead of following Hickory Tree (e.g. known “self-driving” bug showing up repeatedly in “veered” crashes).

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I would say they lost control when they decided to buy a Tesla. After that the clock starts ticking to being burned alive under a tree.

It seems to be a recurring pattern where Tesla sends overconfident owners of an underengineered “power fetish” car to an early grave, just like we learned about the Nazi Tatra.

Nazi high ranking officer prepares the “frunk” to commit suicide in his Tatra T87, apparently the source of inspiration for Tesla management.

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