CA Tesla Blows Red Light, Flips Upside Down and Crashes Into Six Oncoming Cars

From the KTLA news station:

Witnesses told OnScene.TV that the driver of the Tesla was traveling at a high rate of speed toward the intersection when the terrifying crash occurred.

“I was sitting at the red light, waiting for a red light and I saw this person hauling ass toward us at over 100 miles per hour,” witness Tiffany Russell said.

The FOX 11 news station says the owner blames Tesla.

According to police, a Tesla was headed westbound on Orangethorpe Avenue before Beach Boulevard when the car “malfunctioned,” according to that Tesla driver, who then lost control and crashed in the area.

Source: Buena Park Police

Allegedly Tesla has been trying to spin the malfunction as a “miracle”. Even worse, the ongoing risk of unintended acceleration and total driver loss of control amid a flurry of safety recalls is being cruelly spun as evidence they care about quality. Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

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