Nazi Porn X Twitter “Worst Performing Business in History”

Have you heard the news?

Elon Musk is the “most prolific liar in the history of American business”

Saying Hitler’s constant lies ruined Germany, or that Elon Musk’s apartheid-promoting family ruined South Africa, should be self-evident. The fact that a rotten apple has fallen not far from its tree-of-hate, isn’t really shocking to anyone who understands the science of Newton’s gravity or Hume’s ethics.

However, some people still dwell on trying to make sense of the fraudulent “business” logic of such value-destroying fascists, as if abrupt awful decisions for humanity are supposed to make sense on any normal profit ledger.

“Which of the following three activities are you most likely to be fired from your job in media? One: you start calling your assistant juggles. Two: you bring your mushroom chocolates to work and put them in the refrigerator with your name on it, saying do not touch property of you. Or three, you advertise on Twitter? What is a bigger risk to your career? I didn’t know what was going to be next to Nazi porn. Right. That’s not going to be a good defense.”

Running Twitter (especially Black Twitter) into the ground — biggest loss of revenue in history — makes sense not at all as a business decision, but rather as information warfare.

…no company over $1 billion in revenue has ever lost 60% of its revenues in a 12 month period in a non-war period. I don’t think that’s ever happened. Twitter is literally the worst-performing business in history since a change in ownership.

Think of it like apartheid-born white nationalists firing half-million dollar hellfire missiles into Black neighborhoods. They are intentionally and literally blowing up money, throwing it away as a militarized defense project.

Does X Twitter therefore make any business sense, while it’s being driven for race war preparations?

No, it only makes race war sense — the sunk cost of taking control of communications to spread disinformation and worse. Imagine telling an African coup leader that their radio and TV takeover plans don’t seem profitable. It’s like when Hitler illegally poured money into 1933 Luftwaffe bomber development while he claimed to be delivering “scientific research” for civic prosperity.

Bad profit numbers?

Drain on the economy?

Yes, a planned business failure and political plan designed to prepare sycophantile followers with technology to enable killing a race they hate. They are optimizing around illegitimate gross transfers of wealth.

Amon Goeth found causes for anger everywhere he looked. Killing the best engineers doesn’t make sense to anyone stuck in a “business” context, because they fail to heed even the loudest and most aggressive signals from Elon Musk about preparing for race war.

Perhaps Walt Disney in the 1940s explained best how to understand the Musk family’s long time “technoking” aspirations?

Walt Disney on the appropriate reaction to Elon Musk

When Elon Musk says, “We ist der white people in a race”,
We HEIL! (phhht!) HEIL! (phhht!)
Right in Elon Musk’s face!
“Not to love technoking is a great disgrace”,
So we HEIL! (phhht!) HEIL! (phhht!)
Right in Elon Musk’s face!

Those of us who study history are condemned to watch it repeat.

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  1. thank you for this post directly addressing war footing analysis of self-proclaimed “technoking” and info warfare capacities of platform, particularly race war. point about Black Twitter is so right on.

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