4 Recalls in 5 Months: Tesla Cybertruck Safety Defects Piling Up

Let’s recount the recalls so far in the six month existence of this vehicle:

  1. January: warning-light too small
  2. April: stuck accelerator
  3. June: windshield wiper fail
  4. June: body parts flying off

Three of these are high risk of a crash and one is a threat to anyone around the vehicle. It’s almost like Tesla doesn’t care very much about safety or manufacturing.

Apparently they knew about body parts flying off in December 2023, as a Cybertruck showed up with them missing, yet engineers sat about “warranting no further investigation”.

– On December 28, 2023, an undelivered Cybertruck with a single missing applique arrived at a Tesla delivery center after being transported on a vehicle hauler.
– From late December 2023 to early January 2024, Tesla engineers at Giga Factory Texas investigated the issue and optimized the install location and tooling and inspection station to improve adhesion controls.
– Between January 2024 and May 10, 2024, Tesla continued to monitor the vehicle fleet. No additional occurrences were identified, warranting no further investigation.
– On May 11, 2024, Tesla identified a second occurrence, this time on a customer vehicle.
– From May 11 through May 29, 2024, Tesla investigated the incident and determined that the applique had delaminated from the supplier-controlled adhesion interface due to the applique or adhesion not being installed according to specification.
– From May 11 through June 11, 2024, Tesla surveyed and assessed the retention of sail appliques on vehicles in the field and found additional instances of loose or detached appliques due to improper installation of the
applique or adhesive.
– On June 12, 2024, Tesla made a determination to voluntarily recall the affected vehicles

The basic adhesion problem continued for another six months until customer complaints on social media forced a response.

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