Tesla Cybertruck “Totaled” After It Touches Water

At this rate we’ll be on Mars by 2020.

Lies, lies and more lies. Without fraud there would be no Tesla. The truck the CEO loudly proclaimed so waterproof it will float like a boat also has been classified a wreck after its soft underbelly touched water.

…totaled Cybertruck up for auction actually looks intact and only has 26 miles on the odometer.

The problem with this Cybertruck is apparently that it [barely touched water].

IAA released this picture of the “flood line”, which is surprisingly still underneath the cabin.

Reality bites this CEO over and over again as his exaggerated forward leaning claims are proven lies. Why is a guy flogging stock scams not in jail?

Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes and even seas that aren’t too choppy.

It not only can’t serve as a boat,
it can’t serve as a truck.


Cybertrucked. Folly:
Aquaphobic, soulless ride.
Buyer wisdom void.


Fscking Cybertrucker,
what a damn joke
Brakes just shit,
drop of water makes it choke.
Buying Musk lies,
shows yo’ brain be broke!


Forsooth, they part with coin for naught but air,
A chariot that fails when skies do weep.
O empty heads that reason cannot spare,
Into this trap of deadly vanity they leap.

Behold! A chariot of fool’s gold doth gleam,
Its form a jest, its function but a sham.
The rain, its foe; its brakes, a fevered dream;
Its makers, frauds who care not for bedlam.

O wretched craft of steel and broken vows,
Thy frame a monument to hubris vast.
Thy wheels spin lies, thy hood false hope endows,
While coin and sense are flushed into the past.

What knave would part with wealth for such deceit?
A vehicle of folly, born of guile.
Its promises are dust beneath our feet,
Its engineering naught but refuse vile.

Thus Cybertruck, a fraud in metal clad,
Proves buyer and maker equally mad.


Can’t get a truck wet,
Even its brakes don’t work?
Empty head Tesla boss is big
Mouth needin’ a cork!

Cybertruck lies rusting in the rain,
Cybertruck lies rusting in the rain,
Cybertruck lies rusting in the rain,
Its brakes are shot to hell!

Glory, glory, what a swindle,
Glory, glory, what a swindle,
Glory, glory, what a swindle,
The fools who payed into a shell!

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