ME Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Crash Into Tree

A brand new Tesla in Maine, sporting the latest “safety” engineering claims, just killed another person.

The single-vehicle crash was reported at around 10:45 a.m. near 752 Harrison Road, according to Captain Kerry Joyce of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

The car, later identified by the sheriff’s office as a 2024 Tesla, a fully electric vehicle, crashed into a tree at high speed and caught fire, the sheriff’s office said.

The driver, Sergi Kolesnick, 33, of Harrison was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police mention being on the scene for more than four hours, closing a busy road completely, like a bomb exploded with a significant environmental hazard.

In a release, police said “the crash presented significant hazard to first responders and area residents due to the vehicle involved and complexity of the crash scene.”

Crews worked for hours to keep the fires from spreading to a nearby home and the woods.

As of 3 p.m., the road was still closed and crews were still working to contain and clean up hazardous materials.

This Tesla case is very similar to the latest one in California and another one in Florida, with a pattern of sudden “veered” crashes into a tree.

Also Tesla has just gone to court to fight with a grieving family. It appears to want to overturn the Ford Pinto precedent, as it claims car manufacturers should have zero liability even for deadly intentional safety design flaws.

…disputes that it is liable for any damages whatsoever…

The last time that Tesla dragged a grieving family through five years of brutal documentation and expensive lawyers, the car company then abruptly turned face and settled on the day a trial was set to actually start.

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