FL Tesla FSD Crashes High-Speed Into Back of SUV, Owner Arrested

Here’s a criminal case of a Tesla driving at high speed into the back of a SUV, causing a major crash, and then fleeing the scene.

The SUV was northbound when it was hit, sending it over a concrete barrier, through a metal guardrail and over the east side of the bridge around 1:30 a.m., Shine said.

“When (officers) got there and did the investigation of the crash, they learned that the vehicle was hit from behind by a Tesla that drove off from the scene,” Shine said. “They didn’t have to go too far to find the vehicle. … He didn’t live too far from where the incident occurred.”

In another slightly different report, police said Tesla sideswiped the SUV at over 100 mph, smashing it through the guardrail and off a bridge, then gouged a trail all the way home with a deflated or missing tire.

Autopilot or FSD is suspected. The owner was likely asleep and incapacitated at the wheel while the car operated itself as a threat to public safety, as in so many other Tesla crashes.

Of course only the owner was charged, because police tend to say they are “UNABLE TO ISSUE CITATION TO COMPUTER”, unable to hold a robot manufacturer accountable for design defects.

“Your Musk smells rotten, and I’m supposed to do something about it. They say I can’t issue any citations to you for crashing, robot, but I’m pretty damn sure that I can put a bullet through your CPU and save society from another Tesla crime scene.” — Bladerunner Deckard

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