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i'm a bananaDon Hertzfeldt

Funny guy, that Don Hertzfeldt. Bitter, but funny.

He, like many of us, has been seeking the inner poetry in spam:

tonight i realized its been two years since i last wrote you poetry entirely cut and pasted from spam texts. apologies

slot machines uncovered
get rid of the pounds you hate
Made from an African cactus
never scrub your toilet bowl again.

Choosing the right corporate structure
Free today only, hurry!
Photoshop, Windows, Office.
my peenis is able to move without interruption

Sensationall revoolution in medicine!
Full of health? Then don’t click,
We cure any disease
Easy-to-clean pump container

Get paid to spend time with your kids
The pictures of Avery have been updated.
Shocking top secret wealth building program!
No anguish, just adoration.

Better success, wool moth
Let’s face it, you’ve always wanted it.
Bahama cruise voucher winner!
make your fat friends envy you

Do you want a w-atch?
Become a law enforcement professional.
What’s on your coffee wish list?
cursed by God,with a bucket and the milk can

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