The New Security of Columbia

The BBC has an interesting look at how Columbia has changed to a safe and prosperous country. They call it “Colombian rebel comes in from the jungle”

You may have heard of [Medellin] as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the former stronghold of the notorious drugs lord Pablo Escobar.

But Pablo Escobar was shot dead by police back in 1993, and that was when the tide of violence began to turn.

Today, Medellin is a very different place.

It is a bustling city, with a population of 2.5 million and it is now said to be one of the safest cities anywhere in Latin America.

Seventeen years is a whole new generation. With opportunities and even equality comes a good life in the city, which makes it hard for rebels and terrorists to recruit into a high risk and tough life in the mountains.

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