Israel Accused of “Mini Cloud” Surveillance

The Lebanese Army, after a tip from Hezbullah militants, believes a spy device found near Beirut is Israeli

The Lebanese Army said Wednesday it had uncovered two Israeli spy installations in mountainous areas near Beirut and the Bekaa Valley — one on Sannine mountain and another on Barouk mountain.

How did they know it was from Israel?

The photos released Thursday show a device bearing the words “mini cloud” in Hebrew, along with the name of the manufacturer – “Beam Systems Israel Ltd.” – in English.

Oh, did it also have a business card taped on the outside? Seriously, though, if someone were to take the trouble of making a covert network listening device with extended range and battery life, why would they leave obvious signs of origin? It would be one thing to catch Israel in the act of spying, by altering the device and monitoring its outbound or uplink connections. Pointing to a label on a rock in the desert seems incredibly low-tech and offers little more than a clue.

One thought on “Israel Accused of “Mini Cloud” Surveillance”

  1. One must be really naive to believe this story.
    Laser designators, cameras and transmitters all powered by batteries? Working there for months or years?
    The only logical explanation is that it is old equipment left by the Israelis in Lebanon during their stay there is the 90s. Hezbollah then used ‘rocks’ to hide their IEDs. They put the old equipment under the ‘rocks’ on the two mountains and told the Lebanese army to go there and take them. Why didn’t they take them if they were the ones that found them?
    The only reason is to divert attention from the international court’s accusations of their involvement in the Murder of Hariri, the president of Lebanon.
    It is so transparent that only a child or a fool can believe such a story.

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