Drivers Slow for Decoy Police Women (in Skirts)

A couple years ago I wrote about skirts and driving in Uganda. Women were banned from dressing a certain way because they were said to be distracting drivers. Apparently the Czech Republic did not get the same results from their study.

The Huffington Post has posted pictures (of course) in a story called Cardboard Police In Miniskirts Slow Traffic

Authorities say that life-sized cardboards of female police officers in miniskirts placed alongside roads have managed to slow down speeding drivers in several central Czech towns.

There is snow on the ground and she is wearing a miniskirt? Obviously a decoy. Ah, but there I go thinking again. I forgot for a minute what the Ugandan ethics and integrity minister said about risk.

“What’s wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an accident because some of our people are weak mentally,” he said.

The Czech might say that is exactly what is right with a miniskirt. Uganda just should have required a police vest and hat be worn with a miniskirt; they then would have been able to use attention from the drivers to prompt them to use caution.

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