Jeep WordPress Edition

Jeep unveils WordPress Edition for DevOps market segment “ready for Internet adventure”

The 2015 Jeep WordPress exemplifies Jeep on-line capability with a distinctive, aggressive shell, backed up by Jeep Internet Rated software, resulting in the most capable mid-size thing in the new you-have-to-be-crazy-to-connect-to-a-network devops automobile segment. The Jeep WordPress includes aggressive service and connectivity options, complements of the unique clear-text lua scripts, one-time factory install, Jeep on-line single-user unlocked file system, logs disabled and signature open USB ports. The unlocked file system is easily configurable with no integrity, but will apply access controls automatically when in certain modes, such as “OMFG,” to maximize on-line on-road threat interactions for the devop that can handle it. Comes with “Freedom isn’t DOM” sticker.

jeep wordpress edition

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