I should blog more again, I know

Thanks to everyone recently telling me they miss my blog posts. To be honest I have a queue of written posts unreleased because I went through one of those writing phases where erratic Tweets seemed like an easier public legacy than slogging through full paragraphs and illustrations. For six years I wrote a post every day, come rain or shine. Now it’s down to a post every harvest moon if that.

Of course in private I write for a living, typing up analysis and trying to expose fun facts of history for the many corporations building security teams and products. As the private load increased, my public writing necessarily changed to keep some distance. Balance wasn’t really expected.

Recent posts in particular I have been asked to release include defense of backdoors, surveillance camera economics and models for patching IoT…with a little elbow grease and a hammer applied to this rusty site they may soon be appearing.

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