“Using Behavioral Economics to Inform Policy” – Dr. Adam Oliver

Here is a copy for convenience of the 2014 presentation by Dr. Adam Oliver, a London School of Economics (LSE) Reader in Health Economics and Policy:

(PDF 2.1 MB)

Dr. Oliver is published in the areas of health equity, economic evaluation, risk and uncertainty, and the economics and policy of health care reform. The interface between economics and political science in health care policy analysis motivates his current research.

Since 2001 he has worked at the LSE, where currently he is Lecturer in Health Economics and Policy in the Department of Social Policy, and Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of LSE Health and Social Care, one of the largest research institutes in the health-related social sciences in Europe. 2005-06 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy, Dr. Oliver holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Newcastle and an MSc in health economics from the University of York. He is a 1995-97 Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbusho) Research Scholar, Founding Chair of the Health Equity Network, Founding Coordinator of the Preference Elicitation Group, and a former Coordinator of the European Health Policy Group. He also is Founding Co-Editor of the journal, Health Economics, Policy and Law.

See also the forthcoming “Behavioural Public Policy“, an interdisciplinary and international peer-reviewed journal devoted to behavioural research and its relevance to public policy.

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