Mozilla’s $100M Nudge Towards User Control

In a nod to behavioral economics the Mozilla Foundation has announced it’s offering funds to anyone working to combat ongoing “surveillance capitalism”:

Special consideration will be given to creators who promote a vibrant commons; increase users’ autonomy, privacy, and control over their own data; promote diversity and inclusion on the internet; and increase access to the full capacity of the internet, both for content consumption and content creation, and for communities and individuals that have historically been marginalized, disadvantaged, or without access

It will be interesting to see whether such a large nudge can reverse the information “targeting” models that thirsty Facebook and Google executives notoriously have banked upon.

One thought on “Mozilla’s $100M Nudge Towards User Control”

  1. That is nice of Mozilla Foundation to think about keeping our privacy. Personally I use duckduckgo as search engine instead of google. Sometimes duckduckgo is even better than google for search results as it’s not removing some links if a 3rd party asks!

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