Robot Detained a Google AI Ethicist, Terminated Her

In 2011 at BSidesLV I gave a presentation about the danger of big cloud companies operating like the movie 2001 by Stanley Kubrick — ship automation systems with too much authority detaining and terminating their own crew.

Google AI ethics team discusses next steps in a “private” chat while Google’s AI reads their lips

That presentation was the genesis of the book I have been writing since that time (and in 2012 I spoke about humans enacting a political coup using social media, a step beyond HAL). It has generated enough material so far to probably be a multi-volume set, although I tell myself to edit it down…

Anyway, here we are today discussing the news of a robot at Google that acted against an AI ethicist, blocking her from her accounts and holding her in limbo before she was ultimately terminated. HAL is that you?

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