What if the 2nd Amendment is About Oppressing Blacks?

A while ago I wrote a long-form history of the NRA, in which I pointed out how it was started by Union Generals in the 1870s to arm Black Americans against white militias.

Now it seems a historian is making the case that a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was designed to keep Black Americans from having any power against white militias.

Carol Anderson was interviewed by CNN about her book “The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America”.

Protecting the militia means that they are protecting slavery. One of the things that many previous historians have not linked up was the role of the militia in putting down slave revolts, in buttressing slave patrols and keeping enslaved Black people, and free Blacks, under the boot of White supremacy.

Another useful angle on this was how President Jackson enlisted Black freemen to win an 1815 battle (and obviously took all credit for himself) then stripped the American veterans of their guns and other rights.

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