Get the Vaccine So People With Vaccines Aren’t in Danger

A long personal story published in Business Insider tries to reduce the stigma around those opposed to vaccines in order to help “change minds”:

The reason for everybody to get the vaccine is to make sure that the virus doesn’t mutate to a point where it’s resistant to the vaccines — now even the people with vaccines are in danger. As soon as I read that, I said to myself, “Oh my God, it all makes sense.”

Here’s the real kicker, though:

Whenever I hear stuff in the media in terms of vaccines, it’s always “It’s safe and effective, go get it.” There’s never a whole lot of data explaining why it’s safe and effective. That took a lot of digging for me. It’s not so readily available. And then once I got the data, I thought, “Why didn’t I know this stuff?”

The answer to his own question actually comes right at the start of the article, but the connection back to it was never made:

[Pop culture] made me feel like I had some special insider knowledge. From there, I got into fasting, detoxification, sunlight, walking barefoot, and so on. Through that, I developed a general mistrust of the medical community.

Bingo. The answers aren’t easy because, to put it simply, they aren’t easy. Working hard does work, such that the act of digging is really what led to “it all makes sense” more than any simple formula.

Maybe a better way of saying this is just because you’re passionate doesn’t mean success or knowledge is dropped in your lap. Question why you feel entitled to arrival instead of accepting a humble path to get there.

The article is a good example of how education of children needs to focus far more on cognition and systems thinking, instead of narrowly defined skills in specific trades that promise “special insider knowledge” while mostly allowing for ignorance.

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