2015: A Non-Meat Diet Has HUGE Positive Environmental Impact

It seems like a million years ago I was on a platform called Twitter, where I posted insights like this one:

Source: Twitter

Hard to believe I ever willingly used a product called “MetroTwit”.

Anyway, the Global Calculator Tool was something brought to my attention by economists at LSE.

I ran all the possible outcomes (based on the spreadsheet) I could find and in every single scenario it became obvious that removing meat from diets had the single biggest impact in the shortest time.

It can save the world? Why?

Meat brings massive upstream implications, which cross most of the other factors. It is basically an overlay (e.g. land-use, transit-use, resource-consumption) and adding them together.

Put all the bad things together and you get a worse thing: meat.

It seemed pretty important as far as things to share. And Twitter delivered me exactly 3 “Likes”. Is it any wonder I left the platform?

I highly suggest you take this big data analysis tool for a spin.

Source: Global Calculator Tool

Performing the straight-forward assessment of risks using this tool helps decipher headlines you likely will see more of (as people fail to shift their diet to either local sustainable meat or no meat).

2018: Plos One: 20% tax on red meat needed to cover associated healthcare costs (110% tax on bacon, which is more harmful)

2019: Animal Frontiers: livestock responsible for 14.5 percent of greenhouses gases

2020: Nature Sustainability: global plant-based diet by 2050 could remove over 16 years of CO2 emissions

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