The Face of Disinformation on LinkedIn

This is disinformation to the core on LinkedIn. Please review carefully and factor:

Source: LinkedIn
  1. Rumble is documented “right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theory as well as false information”
  2. The man arrested is “U.S. Customs and Border Protection” and ///NOT the FBI/// as spread in this disinformation post by Norcross. That alone should be an immediate take-down of the post.
  3. Norcross is engaging in weaponized speech by diverting a topic to “what the police look like” as an attempt to disarm targets of a violent insurrection, while he is passively promoting violence using false allegations against federal staff (e.g. these police look like a country defending itself against violent disinformation militias, such as a man illegally carrying a firearm).

In other words, in the face of a man illegally carrying a firearm and posing an imminent threat to the federal government, Norcross here is attempting to passively gin up anger at the federal government by falsely maligning a federal law enforcement agency. Why? He is trying to make a government defending itself against insurrection look like the extremists, the bad guys, when the exact opposite is true.

The careful observer will also note the “4d” meaning the post spread disinformation at least four days without interruption.

Norcross may as well have been asking what did someone look like in 1859 defending the nation against right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theory. Who was branded extreme in the face of a violent Southern mob that had been murdering countless Americans to perpetuate and expand slavery?

After witnessing mob murder of US abolitionists, John Brown dedicated his life to finish the work of victims. As Laurens Hickock put it to Brown: “The question now before the American citizen is no longer alone, ‘Can the slaves be made free?’ but, ‘Are we free, or are we slaves under Southern mob law?'”

Update September 29: for direct comparison (especially because it took only about 30 minutes instead of 4 days) here is a factual post by a national security expert with a PhD in political science teaching at the U.S. Army War College to assess risk from domestic threats… removed by LinkedIn censors without notice.

Source: LinkedIn

When prompted to review the post being censored it had only a silent “goes against our policy on bullying and harassment” tag on it and no other notifications.

The huge difference in content treatment here compared with the above random “North Texas Real Estate” profile commenting on national security… is palpable.

Also the original Axios article is still allowed on LinkedIn, proving the rapid censorship was unjustly targeting the voice of an actual expert on national security despite allowing random unqualified unprofessional voices to spread disinformation for days.

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