Cars Get Banned from Sidewalks, Yet Only Scooters Try to Comply

Bird says they have been developing a geofence solution for scooters, to solve a problem with sidewalks that literally zero cars have worked on let alone fixed.

Car Parked Illegally on Sidewalk | October 30, 2016

It’s crazy to me that cars never innovated on this, yet scooters feel the heat.

I mean it’s fairly easy to throw a scooter into a van and dump them all somewhere else. Cities could easily run scooter sweepers.

Cars on the other hand need an actual fix. They have been a long-time sidewalk hazard around the country, where apparently nobody came up with a single technology suggestion let alone solution.

A neighbor recently sent us some photos of problem areas. “I see lots of mothers pushing babies in strollers that consistently get forced into the street.”

Car manufacturers wouldn’t even do it for mothers and babies. So what’s up with these scooter companies innovating?

To put it another way, who will drive the car that advertises it has a control to prohibit driving or parking on sidewalks?

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