Federal Judge: Subaru and Kia Complied With Right to Repair While Claiming It To Be Impossible

An odd development in Massachusetts was picked up by eagle-eyed lawyers and a federal judge, that car makers are easily complying with a law they say they can’t possibly achieve:

Last week, according to court transcripts, the federal judge in Alliance for Automotive Innovation v. Healy said he was close to a verdict but that he needed more information from the Alliance as to why it did not disclose that the new Subaru and Kia vehicles complied with the ”right to repair” technical requirements that the complaint claimed are impossible to follow. Judge Douglas Woodlock said, “We will ask whether we are dealing with concerted ignorance, willful blindness or simply ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” The Alliance claims that it did not find out about the Subaru and Kia vehicles until after the evidence was presented to the judge last fall. Judge Woodlock said he was “trying to figure out why I should be as irritated as I am.”


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