Movie Review: Escape from Mogadishu

This 2021 WellGo USA film has several interesting twists.

Dramatically constructed based on a true story: as civil war rages in Mogadishu, rival North and South Korean diplomats are left trapped. With no aid from either government, their only shot at survival may require uniting with bitter adversaries to escape.

An obvious way people are made happier is when they have the trust to build connections and be more social (even misery enjoys company). That’s the underlying wisdom of this true story.

I found it particularly interesting the North Koreans are depicted as competent, professional and coldly rational or calculating. The South Koreans are depicted as the opposite being incompetent, unprofessional and mostly emotional or moral feelings. I’ve reflected on this before given another movie from South Korea.

It’s also completely different to how Americans typically portray the two sides (trying to frame North Koreans as incompetent and emotional), which also reminds me of a presentation I gave called “Dar-win or Lose“: the Cuban Missile Crisis gives critical insight into why Big Data Platforms are doomed (led by coldly rational management instead of moral feelings).

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