Stupid Unprepared Texans Rescued in Colorado by AVSR

This ridiculous story reads like something from The Onion, yet it’s real and it says a lot about the mindset of Texans.

“These hikers were highly unprepared,” [Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue] said. “They had no extra clothing and no way to stay dry in their tent, with no rain fly. These hikers said they did not understand why it was so cold and rainy in Colorado, because it has been ‘so hot in Texas’ where they hike all the time.”

The issue isn’t details like weather at 11,000 feet, but rather how Texans can be so completely divorced from reality (e.g. nature) and lack analytic skill required for diversity — lazily demand everything to be same or similar for them like programmatic robots that expect to do as little as possible while others have to help keep them afloat.

These hikers even rejected offers of intelligence and aid… until so dehydrated they were puking on the trail.

Being so unbelievably stupid and unprepared for risk reminds me of the recent Texas ice virus story. To paraphrase: Texas is a state failing in the most spectacular fashion.

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