Social media is the new era of old information warfare

Task and Purpose documents a rather obvious role of information for those whose profession is warfare.

Over the course of a week, @DogFaceSoldier seamlessly wove a pro-vaccination narrative through a relatable twitter diary of Americana references and images. @DogFaceSoldier’s 21,400 followers experienced the comfort of the American Midwest, the satisfaction of toughing out a workout, and the joy of finding a new restaurant, all while also consuming pro-vaccination messaging. @DogFaceSoldier is not an influencer or public affairs specialist by trade, but the content he produces and the routine interaction with followers presents a transparent and trustworthy image. This is particularly significant since @DogFaceSoldier is Gen. Robert Abrams, a retired four-star general in the United States Army.

As surely as President Andrew Jackson ordered his Postmaster General to inspect and destroy U.S. mail he disagreed with, and detain and torture Americans caught with books he didn’t like, this article goes on to conclude…

Capt. David Harrell accurately notes that “Social media is no longer a new and untested medium of war but is rapidly becoming a pillar in which insurgency groups, revolutions, or anti-government movements are built on.”

In related news Facebook has a problem, as usual.

Comments on the MyNavy HR page at times suggest fleet members have grown tired of a polished social media presentation coupled with a lack of substantive answers as they wait for payments, paperwork and other needs that can greatly disrupt their lives.

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