It’s Official. Tesla Has Reduced Driver Safety

You may recall that Elon Musk was a CEO fired from PayPal for his gross incompetence. Somehow he kept all his equity anyway, which is where his wealth comes in so suddenly.

I mean PayPal was successful because they eliminated him, but more importantly he was only successful because he no longer had any technical say.

Let that sink in as a good example of how broken the tech market is that a malicious valueless actor eliminated from operations let alone competition gives himself the highest reward.

With his sudden wealth Musk went out, bought a million dollar sports car and promptly crashed it.

Again, you’d think incompetence would be a giant red flag here.

Instead, as we all know, he survived his car crash to viciously grab the wheel of a sports car company named Tesla and fired or forced out anyone of competence, including it’s founder.

Driverless? A giant lie. Safety? A giant lie. Investigations into mounting failures? More and more lies.

Tesla, like PayPal and that million dollar sports car, was being crashed. Yet somehow (e.g. allegedly stuffing the board and maybe even the books) investors again bestowed high rewards and Musk ran off again.

Experts have discussed for years just how bad Tesla engineers are at their job. It’s a function of working at Tesla, exposed for excessive workplace safety violations and even pervasive racism.

Now we have data that Tesla drivers are bad, arguably becoming the worst on the road.

People love to hate Tesla drivers, who may have replaced BMW drivers as the most loathed on the road. Founder Elon Musk’s antics haven’t helped… Jerry looked at data on Tesla drivers to see who they are and how they drive. Here’s what we found: Tesla drivers scored worse than 98% of all drivers in acceleration safety…

Ring any bells?

Elon Musk’s life lesson from being a failure at driving was to lower everyone else to his mistake — normalizing less safety.

Rewarding Musk the first time was a mistake because he bought a car to stomp on the accelerator and crash it with abandon.

Rewarding Musk again was even worse because he has tried to fundamentally change the risk on public roads by emphasizing, even encouraging drivers to stomp on his accelerator to cause widespread crashes with abandon.

Tesla deaths have grown increasingly to be far higher than any other EV brand, by a huge margin.

Here’s just one of the latest examples, where initial reports say high acceleration coupled with brake failures caused serial deaths.

…a Tesla driver surnamed Zhan was parking a Model-Y, which suddenly lost control and travelled at high speed for two kilometers, hitting two motorcycles and two bicycles and resulting two deaths and three injuries…

It takes off like a rocket before crashing into pedestrians, cyclists and a building.

Almost like someone was testing how to destroy China by remotely hitting the accelerator in all their Teslas, if you know what I have been warning about nearly a decade now.

From there it’s not hard to see how rewarding him again led Musk to buy Twitter just to… stomp on its accelerator and crash even more lives with abandon.

It all reads to me now like serial fraudster Frank Abigale except he doesn’t get caught. He gets a foreign investment fan club.

How many more times will his incompetence be exposed — how many more losses from his unforced and avoidable crashes — until Musk is finally held accountable?

As someone tweeted the other day…

One of your companies is under an FTC consent decree. Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is investigating another for killing people. And you’re spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies. Or Congress will.

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