Scottish Embassy Guard in Berlin Caught Spying for Russia

You might wonder who in the world right now would be caught spying for Putin.

Well have I got some 2020 news for you.

The buried lede in this sad story is that a greedy homophobic British Embassy guard working in Germany discovered… Russia happily milked his hate for cash.

Despite living beyond his means, 800 euro in cash was found at his home in Potsdam in Germany when he was arrested in August last year. Prosecutors alleged he had wanted to hurt the UK and the British Embassy where he had worked for eight years. He was also said to have been angered at the flying of the Rainbow flag.

If the pride flag flushes out such traitors then I say fly it all day every day.

In 2019, just to set some context, the White House occupant attempted to place American embassies under the Russian dictator’s ban on pride flags.

US diplomats have been finding creative ways to show support for LGBTQ+ Pride month after the White House banned them from flying the rainbow flag. […] Earlier this month an unnamed diplomat told the Washington Post there was a “category one insurrection” against the rainbow flag ban.

And you just know Russia loves to stick its fingers into any kind of insurrection. Perhaps the Embassies should have made embassy uniform badges into rainbows just to watch who ran to Putin’s side.

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