Tesla “Solar Factory” Implicated in FSD Fraud: 500 Workers Directed to Classify Images for Driving

Elon Musk launched the Tesla concept for chargers in 2012 as solar powered.

..the CEO announced that the company was developing a network of solar-powered, high-speed charging terminals to be installed at roadside restaurants, rest stops, and shopping centers…

Have you seen a solar-powered Tesla charger? Probably not. And now I’ll explain why “solar factory” means nothing of the sort, instead being a giant coverup for the fraud of FSD.

You probably also haven’t seen any 1940s Japanese Tama EV style “battery swap” stations despite Musk fraudulently announcing Tesla had opened them for business in 2015.

What Tesla did do, instead of making that station open as it had told the public it was—and, by the way, they told the California Air Resources Board, which was subsidizing it quite heavily—was ship in some extra superchargers and hook them up to diesel generators. Instead of seeing this cutting edge future battery swap technology, I saw Tesla—literally the long tail pipe problem, as it’s called—become very, very short, as these diesel generators puffed out emissions and recharged these Teslas. Then when I went to Tesla and told them what I found, the way they handled it was extremely jarring to me. And I realized how cynical this company could be. And I just had this instinct that that kind of cynicism is never an isolated thing. There’s never just one cockroach like this.

Cockroaches hate the sun.

Elon Musk lied to take government money and repurpose it illegally. He promised the sun would be the source of energy when any Tesla needed to recharge its batteries — even announcing it as “free energy forever”.

Indeed (at the very moment the US Environmental Protection Agency accused VW of installing illegal manipulation devices on diesel) Elon Musk did something even worse than VW.

He started running the dirtiest diesel engines possible while marketing it as “clean energy” for Tesla car chargers. Cynical doesn’t even begin to describe this level of willful harm and deceit, especially as VW executives went to jail for far less.

Despite having a view of the fake battery swap terminal and fake solar panels, Tesla gave car owners no choice but connect to giant dirty diesel generators as they listened to news about VW “cheating”.

Like all of his “promises”, Elon Musk had made a totally empty one meant to excite and confuse everyone while he did knowingly wrong/illegal things and walked away with ill-gotten money.

He doubled down on the lies two years after that, as a 2021 article complained.

In 2017, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla plans to add solar and batteries to all Supercharger stations and eventually disconnect most of them from the grid. This has yet to happen. …for the most part, its charging stations are powered by the grid and from whatever source of electricity owned by the local utilities.

Why no solar charging sites? A whole decade has passed now since fraudulently being announced as already developing. Instead diesel-powered trucks have been delivering giant batteries to Tesla charging sites, and reportedly bursting into environmental disasters of highly toxic fires.

Safe and clean renewable energy generation for charging hasn’t materialized as predicted by Tesla, even though they soaked up government handouts tailored to their false promises of solar.

Some speculate all of it has just been a game to juice investors, redirecting funds with insider/family corruption.

SolarCity had never been profitable. In 2015 alone, it lost $710 million. The losses prompted Elon Musk, its chairman, to push for Tesla, which he also headed, to purchase SolarCity, which was managed by his cousins, Lyndon and Peter Rive. At the time of the merger, SolarCity was $3.4 billion in debt. That purchase went through in late 2016, despite misgivings by some Tesla board members, court records show. To win them over, Musk unveiled plans for a revolutionary product, a roof composed entirely of solar panels.

“Plans”. We all know what “plans” mean to Elon Musk, right?


No solar tiles covering roofs, just like no solar charging stations.

The plans were total hot air, not based in any reality.

Musk, in a deposition he gave during the lawsuit against him, conceded the Solar Roof was a “nascent product.” […] Stout, the current Tesla employee whose job involved building and maintaining manufacturing lines, said the plant struggled to produce the Solar Roof.  “It was a bad design all around,” he said of the initial version of the Solar Roof. “It was a poor product design, and then the manufacturing design was not sufficient to bring it to scale.” […] “Tesla just stopped using the solar cells that were being made in their own building because they couldn’t figure it out.”

The reporting goes on to say Tesla then had to stop importing Chinese panels it had hoped to pass off as its own, after it was disclosed that slave labor was involved.

Now another moral failure has surfaced as the dysfunctional Tesla solar factory in NY is being exposed more.

Idle staff are the brains allegedly behind Tesla’s infamously blind AI.

About 500 jobs — nearly one-third of the current workforce of 1,636 — are those entry-level desk positions, in which workers label images from the company’s self-driving vehicle software — merge signs, turning lanes, pedestrians — in an attempt to train the autonomous driving algorithms. The rest of the auto-related jobs involve the assembly of charging equipment for Tesla cars.

That software has been implicated in at least 17 fatalities. The charging equipment has a reputation for fires. None of it should be unregulated, or hidden in a solar factory.

See what Elon Musk meant when he said his cars would be relying entirely on “learning” cameras?

Learning? This isn’t what people think they are buying from Tesla.

Human classifiers aren’t futuristic.

Entry-level temp desk workers in Buffalo secretly trying to read and label video… sounds highly problematic and unsafe.

Privacy? Unlikely there is any.

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