Florida Retirement Crash: Falling Below 20 Other U.S. States

It’s true, Florida is crashing on the retirement ranking scale. And it’s not hard to see why. The Governor of Florida pledged in his recent election campaign to wage a Christian nationalist (Coughlin fascist) crusade to destroy or hold back non-white prosperity, treating the state as if the American Civil War never ended (let alone the 1835 Seminole Rebellion).

Source: American propaganda leaflet distributed by domestic terror groups on how to appropriate Mexican fashion and religion (e.g. Nazis appropriated the Hindu swastika) to infiltrate U.S. politics. Click to enlarge

From banning speech and books to stuffing boards with tinpot dictators tasked with censoring American values, it’s clear Florida also is pandering to foreign military interference. Here’s how it was framed by the federal government.

Today I want to take a little bit of time to discuss some new actions that we are going to be taking to counter the Russian private military company known as Wagner, which is committing atrocities and human rights abuses in Ukraine and, of course, elsewhere around the world. […] It is — it is incomprehensible that — to see that this is what this ban — or this block, to be more specific, that [the Governor of Florida] has put forward. If you think about the study of Black Americans, that is what he wants to block.

The connection I’m highlighting here isn’t as far as some would hope, a repeat of history. Here’s how it was framed by religious leaders.

“…using the name of Jesus, holy scripture and worship music to promote a partisan political agenda and personal business interests.”

Highly un-American political moves have been rammed through Florida against public opinion because of one reason: record-breaking funding from outside groups like it’s 1940 again.

In other words, America First (domestic hate group linked to foreign enemies) having being defeated in both World Wars obviously isn’t a lesson Americans learned well enough yet to prevent another rise.

In actual fact, in WWII it was study of Black history that America warned differentiated itself from Nazi Germany. That’s why today’s fascists in Florida are so confidently banning study of Black history, in an attempt to align with the wrong side of history.

US war-time anti-fascism posters encouraged Americans to read about black history and culture.

1944 seditious conspiracy is the operative context for what the Governor of Florida sounds like in terms of history — an infamously racist and hate-filled Senator Robert Taft of today.

It’s not even that the Florida governor is wrong when he argues America was founded for white men to be in control (why General Robert “butcher” Lee infamously killed so many Americans). American Revolutionary War was about profit, NOT liberty. Florida was illegally invaded (by the corrupt serial-liar Andrew Jackson) to deny emancipation of Black Americans in a bald-faced plan to create a white police state. It’s that this issue has been settled before, multiple times, with massive loss of life.

After President Grant won the Civil War, and then crushed the KKK in politics, the late 1800s serial losers rebranded as a Christian nationalist “America First” platform in 1915

You’d be forgiven for not recognizing Horatio Seymour above, the KKK’s candidate for President before Woodrow Wilson achieved that goal in 1912.

But who remembers Taft?

1946 was not so very long ago and the man was wrong, VERY wrong. See the problem here?

TAFT CONDEMNS HANGING FOR NAZIS AS UNJUST VERDICT… Nuremberg was a miscarriage of justice which the American people would long regret.

It’s like the Nazi-loving Taft is back again and nobody seems to remember why he should be headed to jail instead of allowed to “represent” local extremists by aligning to foreign hate groups.

[Taft’s] views were shared by many within the US political establishment… “Southerners will never accept African-Americans as a race of people with the same intelligence, education, and social skills as white people of the South. As a representative of the American people, I want to say that what is happening in Nuremberg, Germany, is a disgrace to the United States. Two and a half years after the end of the war in Nuremberg, the racial minority [have] hanged German soldiers…” …notorious racists and anti-Semites, who shared reactionary views and were influential in United States politics, stuck up for the Nazis.

Translation of Taft’s greatest fear: if German soldiers can be hanged by “the racial minority”, what’s to stop America from hanging its own Nazis? Obvious answer: Don’t be a Nazi.

The Florida Governor’s Russian immigrant base, not to mention their allegiance to a foreign leader, is thus being well served by overt corruption in local politics. Such toxic and regressive political antics (downright un-American return to Taft’s love of Nazism) is direct cause for a plummeting Florida retirement ranking, with no sign of improving.

And that’s probably their goal, as they try to turn it into New Russia.

According to our analysis and methodology, there were 20 states that ranked above Florida. This includes Arkansas, Texas, and Maine.


Apparently it’s easier to shovel Maine snow than the BS of Florida Nazism. Source: Bangor Daily News. “Dan Wagner shoveled a path to a friend’s house. The record-breaking 6 feet of snow the Down East Maine community has received in the last few weeks has strained the local infrastructure, but not the neighborliness of the town, residents said.”

You know when a freezing cold no-sunshine tundra called Maine ranks above Florida for retirement, it’s time for a massive correction if not intervention.

Ukraine is dealing with the problem right now that America should far better prepare for on its own soil. Florida has become a fascist beach head… again.

Source: “The Eight Nazi Saboteurs…
Should be Put to Death”, Life Magazine 1942

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