Tesla Owners Embarrassed As They Find Out How Much Better Other Cars Are

I’ve mentioned this before, and now it’s headline news. Pretty simple to see that people who bought Tesla never should have, and are lucky it didn’t kill them.

When I got the second Tesla, I got Full Self-Driving and was very disappointed. I didn’t trust it, because I had scares several times when I was trying to use it. I was in the car one time with my husband and it was behaving so erratically that he finally put his foot down and said: “Stop using it. It’s dangerous.” So I didn’t use it anymore, even though I paid extra for it. Musk has been bragging about Full Self-Driving forever, and it’s still in beta. Basically, the customers are the ones who are testing his software for him. It’s wrong that we’re guinea pigs for advancing his products.

Her husband saved her life. Tesla’s full of shit driving (FSD) software has been cited as responsible for 10 out of 10 road fatalities.

It’s also sad to hear how embarrassed owners are as they realize just how much they’ve been lied to by Tesla.

Finally my husband said, “Have you looked at the Mercedes?” So I started looking into the EQS and saw what its range was: It was about 350 miles, which is about equivalent to what my Model S had. So I went to take a look at it and was super impressed with the quality of the car. It was amazing. I was embarrassed to have the Mercedes-Benz rep go into the Model S to get its mileage, as the EQS is so much more refined. It was that much of a difference.

Did anyone else get the impression that her husband really knows cars? He must have had the patience of a saint to deal with his “obsessive” spouse falling for Tesla fraud, twice.

In a nutshell people are social engineered on fear. Someone afraid of climate change, for example, would be laser targeted by Elon Musk to become “obsessed” with his criminally simple saccharin lies.

…like making Big Macs a mandatory part of all grade-school lunches because the CEO of McDonald’s says he dreams of the Big Mac one day preventing cancer.

Props to that husband for having a clue, turning things around with some very basic car facts. Clearly he couldn’t block the abuse of his spouse. I’ve written before many times about how hard it is to detect and prevent Tesla’s social engineering attacks on society (advanced fee fraud).

Mercedes, which I have zero affinity for in any way, is absolutely leaving Tesla in the dust for very good reason. Without fraud there would be no Tesla.

Once again I see knobs and buttons also get the nod for feeling luxurious, as everyone finally comes around to understand why touchscreen dashboards are a nightmare. You’d think this one was obvious enough for a decade but it’s becoming a theme now.

The adaptive cruise control is so well-tuned compared to the Tesla. It’s really smooth. The physical buttons are amazing. In a Tesla, to turn on the A/C and change the speed, you literally have to go through multiple steps by pressing the touchscreen. It was just ridiculous. Going over speed bumps, you don’t feel like you’re bumping along in a truck — it’s smooth. The suspension and sound insulation are amazing. The quality of the sound system is really superior.

Every car expert says don’t drive while distracted because high danger, yet Tesla designed their entire cockpit as if dangerously distracted driving would deliver a “thrill”.

Idiots. So many unnecessary deaths.

An early Consumer Reports review warned Tesla’s design forced driver distraction since “each act forces drivers to take their eyes off the road and a hand off the steering wheel.”

Whether measuring safety, comfort, style, performance, tech innovation… there’s no reason anyone should ever buy another Tesla.

Musk hasn’t improved himself in any way, just like his sad cars, yet many people only now have started to realize what an extremely dangerous fraud he really is.

A leaked internal Twitter message appears to show that Elon Musk directly ordered staff to suspend a left-wing activist’s account on the social-media platform. Bloomberg said it viewed a screenshot of the message in question, involving the account of Chad Loder, which read: “Suspension: direct request from Elon Musk.” […] J.M. Berger, an expert on social-media extremism, previously told Insider: “I think he’s intentionally empowering right-wing extremists.”

Tesla works hard now to appeal most to people who hate people, as if to become a death trap on purpose. They’ve become notably worse than just social engineering attacks to profit on climate change fears.

It’s simple enough to say that these things are broken-down death machines that have no business on the road, and that in an even marginally functional society the choice about whether to put them there would not reside with a shitposting imbecile like Elon Musk.

It’s very intentionally made itself into the most fascist and regressive brand possible today, which is a truly strange goal when you know anything about Mercedes (let alone Ford) history.

EV sales across all brands are surging, seen as clean, while Tesla runs like a dirty Trabant in reverse — fraud exposed more and more as toxic regression.

…demand for electric vehicles continued to grow and they accounted for almost a fifth of new car sales.

You can easily buy better cars, and nobody should admit to liking a hate brand, but also you have to ask why should the Tesla safety fraud even be allowed on roads.

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