Pattern of Failure: Another Tesla Driver Arrested for Vehicular Assault

A Subaru making a left turn at approximately 8am was hit at high speed by a Tesla that plowed straight into it. Police charged the Tesla with assault, arrested the driver.

The Subaru driver — a 31-year-old male — was extricated by Fire-Rescue personnel and transported to the hospital with significant injuries. The Tesla driver—a 50-year-old male—did not report any injuries at the scene. The drivers were the only occupants of both vehicles. The Tesla driver, Dion Jordan of Erie, was booked into the Boulder County jail this morning on a single felony charge of vehicular assault-reckless driving.

It fits a pattern I’ve discussed before here many times, where Tesla’s “free speed extemist” marketing and poor engineering quality results in a particularly dangerous rise in crashes, especially intersections.

Related: Homicide charge for a Tesla driving at high speed through an intersection. No other factors were cited, confusing the prosecutors who are used to investigating high risk influences such as drugs or alcohol. Did the accused have impaired judgment? Yes, he was in a Tesla.

This latest case documents again how and why police are reporting Tesla has become a threat to national security… as I quoted recently:

“This is our third catastrophic crash with Teslas in just the last couple weeks,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said Saturday. “We’re seeing an overall pattern here in Martin County of more aggressive driving, greater speeds and just a general cavalier sense towards their fellow motorists’ safety.”

A systemic problem from these catastrophic Tesla engineering failures needs a systemic solution. Perhaps all the Tesla crashing at high speed into police and fire vehicles like a Kamikaze was the thing that really made this point? Police seeing a Tesla should probably start treating it like impaired judgment, swinging around an explosive missile about to assault someone.

Unsafe for public roads, sorry. If the dangerously diseased Tesla isn’t properly quarantined, away from society, its owner should be arrested.

Tesla lawyers have tried to defend obvious design flaws by using basic science denialism, ignoring safety canon (slow is smooth… and safe).

2 thoughts on “Pattern of Failure: Another Tesla Driver Arrested for Vehicular Assault”

  1. Driving a Tesla is a sign of mental impairment. Tesla do have among the highest fatality rates. Could be something to that conclusion. But the real problem is that tens of thousands of consumers are being gas lighted into thinking Teslas are safe vehicles. These consumers are dying in droves too because they thought they were buying a safe car.

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