Blind Tesla on Freeway Crashes Into Boat Trailer

It’s clear from this video that the Tesla doesn’t detect the boat at all, and doesn’t understand the turn signal.

It encroaches dangerously from far behind, a predictably dumb move as if asleep at the wheel.

Perhaps the most important detail here is the Tesla doesn’t hit the brakes until it crashes into a car clearly in front of it and then the boat.

Watching this video I hope very much that your own instinct to hit the brakes kicked in a long time before this Tesla’s brake lights turn on. The obvious failure to slow indicates to me yet another vehicular assault by the Tesla. Arrest the driver for driving under the influence.

Radar? What radar?

Tesla cut costs by downgrading to the least costly and least capable sensor technology, as demanded by the CEO over engineering safety objections.

Former Tesla employees say the decision to remove radar immediately caused problems. Complaints filed with regulators reveal that vehicles were allegedly “stopping for imaginary hazards, misinterpreting street signs, and failing to detect obstacles” including emergency vehicles.

Add boats to the list.

3 thoughts on “Blind Tesla on Freeway Crashes Into Boat Trailer”

  1. Your Expertise sure comes through here. I see a boat trailer. You see a boat trailer. Everyone sees a boat trailer. Except people driving under the influence (DUI) of Elon Musk don’t see a boat trailer. They tell everyone to let them beta test blindness, and then assault an innocent car pulling a boat trailer while hoping to blame their victim. It’s obvious by 0:04 the boat is moving laterally yet Tesla plows straight, oblivious to the other cars’ brake lights and turn signal the camera picks up way behind. Tesla still is behind the boat at this moment, plenty of time to avoid instead of encroaching further totally asleep at the wheel.

    Don’t let Tesla go around blaming signs and lights for being imperfect, as they always are, when Tesla can’t even see a giant bright white fffing boat! Talk about being blind to the most obvious risk indicators… Tesla touts a collision avoidance system that obviously is a scam. They just had to admit with a 400,000 car recall that their software had been engineered to ignore yellow lights, red lights and stop signs. Some context for dim or broken trailer light, eh? Seeing a bad trailer light is almost as common as seeing Musk-loving Nazis on Twitter, so spare me any dance about “future” engineering. Tesla didn’t see or avoid a GIANT SLOW MOVING WHITE WHALE OF A BOAT.

    Technology, like alcohol, gives stupid people an excuse for doing what they do, which is why this looks like yet another Tesla committing vehicular assault. The driver of the Tesla should be arrested for carelessly bowing up from far behind, failing to observe/leave adequate room.

  2. I remember this from Toronto news. The trailer and car ahead already were in the lane of the Tesla 4 seconds before impact. Definitely the Tesla not paying attention. The boat switching lanes, especially at that slow speed, is routine city jam traffic we see every damn day. If 4 seconds isn’t enough for Tesla’s fetishized machine servant experience and their sleeping princesses, then they’re too blind and slow to handle lane changes in any city.

  3. Tesla: Our cars fail once every mile on average, two defects in every model on average because our immoral vision of the future destroys basic concepts of truth and quality. Have you seen a Disney princess movie? Believe.

    Tesla owners: This is my third purchase of a new Tesla in 12 months. My chariot keeps getting destroyed somehow because nothing/nobody matters more than me roping everyone into big promises that never come true. Tesla even gives me fake data as a service to force others to clean up and pay for our mess. I believe.

    Everyone else: You’re obvious drunks. Stay home.

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