Two Teens in Tesla Killed Driving Under Semi Trailer

Details are missing still in reports from Alabama. So far signs indicate yet another Tesla crashed at very high speed into a giant semi trailer.

Location: I-20/59 and Skyland Blvd East.
Time: 0150
Date: Today, April 15, Saturday
Deaths: Front two Tesla seats

The Tesla was pinned underneath the truck’s trailer and the vehicle’s four occupants were trapped, police said.

Pinned underneath sounds again like what we’ve seen with Tesla hitting trailers both from behind and the side. The fact it’s an intersection makes it sound like broadside, although it also could have been another case of exiting at high speed and hitting the rear of a parked trailer.

Local news hasn’t yet discussed whether the Tesla teens naively trusted the unsafe autopilot.

At least 17 people have been killed by Tesla’s known faulty automation software since June 2021 (when U.S. government required carmakers to report such failures). Hundreds more have died from the many other Tesla design and engineering defects.

Teslas reported driving under a trailer:

2 thoughts on “Two Teens in Tesla Killed Driving Under Semi Trailer”

  1. I share your concern. Is Tesla *really* still blind to the giant semi trailer? How is Elon Musk not personally assailed by this sort of tragedy every time a Tesla is involved in yet another road traffic fatality? How about some good, basic facts. Remember Tuscaloosa journalism in September 2016?

    Sunday’s news comes in the wake of a May crash involving a Tesla Model S that was using the semi-autonomous mode at the time. The driver died after crashing into a tractor-trailer. On a conference call with reporters, Musk said he thinks that the improvements, which will roll out globally in the next week or two in the form of a software update, probably would have prevented that crash. Musk called the upgrades a “massive enhancement,” but he said that Tesla cars are already the safest on the road. While he acknowledged that there’s no such thing as perfect security, he predicted that the improvements will cut the accident rate for Tesla vehicles by more than half.

    Massive enhancement in 2016 promised to prevent running into semi trailers? Already the safest on the road in 2016? Accident rate cut in half by 2017?

    It was ALL LIES. LIES. LIES.

    This 2023 story *really* warrants international news coverage because of how little skepticism has been used to counter the obvious lies from Tesla.

    You should include more context eg how much less safe Tesla vehicles are compared to other makes, in general? Since 2016 hundreds of unnecessary deaths, especially these crashes into trucks years and years after a CEO boasted it was a solved problem… when do the LIES turn into guilt?

    The improvements announced Sunday call for Autopilot to rely more on radar and less on vehicle cameras. As part of that shift, the radar will use more advanced signal processing to create a better picture of the surrounding world. Musk said that he has wanted to make these kinds of improvements to Autopilot since last year, but he was told it couldn’t be done for various technical reasons. “We really pushed hard on questioning all of those assumptions over the past few months,” he said. “It was just a very hard problem. Nobody else could solve this.”

    Tesla literally, and I mean literally, claimed it was a solved problem in 2016. Now these kids are dead and some still can’t believe Elon Musk never tells the truth about anything.

    Radar was the 2016 solution that Elon Musk promised everyone would keep our children alive? RADAR?

    Elon Musk Overruled Tesla Engineers Who Knew Removing Radar Was A Bad Idea. Elon Musk had insisted that a vision-only system using cameras was the best solution. He wouldn’t budge and in May 2021, Tesla announced it was eliminating radar on its new cars. What’s more, it then started to disable the radars already installed in customer-owned vehicles. Former Tesla employees say the decision to remove radar immediately caused problems. Complaints filed with regulators reveal that vehicles were allegedly… “failing to detect obstacles” including emergency vehicles.

    Radar was the solution. Radar was ripped out. Permanent improvisation causing so many deaths. Tesla kills. Two more misled and innocent young beautiful souls sent to an early grave and for what?

    Personally, I can’t thank you enough for getting the word out. Keep shining your light. THANK YOU!

  2. Appreciate you reporting on the Tesla underrides. Since 2017 my team has called for a U.S. federal law forcing mandatory trailer side underride guards and stronger rear guards: Stop Underrides Act. Since 2010 the American average has been about 500 trailer underride deaths annually, 300 of them side underride. We know these crashes are underreported because there has been no classification standards within accident reports for tracking.

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