Twitter CEO Openly Calls For Censorship

Twitter censors more speech and faster now than before it was taken over by Elon Musk.

Musk is often happy to follow foreign governments’ requests to crack down on users they oppose (which is absolutely not “par for the course for all internet companies,” no matter what he may claim).

This didn’t take long, I guess.

Source: Twitter

Evidence of censorship was already… exploding.

Source: Twitter

Explanation? Here’s an obvious one.

The mogul’s treatment of union organizers and whistleblowers suggested that “free-speech absolutism” was mostly code for a high tolerance for bigotry toward particular groups, a smoke screen that obscured an obvious hostility toward any speech that threatened his ability to make money.

Absolutely horrible, Twitter is now nothing more than a tinpot African dictator platform. Reading tweets is increasingly like going backwards in time to tune into racist 1990s apartheid news on the radio.

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