Tesla Lawyers Tell Customers in US Cities to Stop Paying For Their Cars

The CEO of Twitter recently has been running a heavy handed PR campaign spreading hate speech to make American cities look bad.

His lawyers, in a truly bizarre twist of logic, now want Tesla customers to stop paying for their cars if they live in a city (they dislike for any reason, or no reason at all).

…lawyer Alex Spiro reportedly “loudly opined that it was unreasonable… to pay… since San Francisco was a s— hole,” and Musk himself said “he would only pay… over his dead body.”

Imagine the mind of a person who says they will only pay if they’re dead.

Clearly a genius at work there, since Tesla software reportedly is designed to kill new owners almost immediately after buying the car.

But now there’s a loophole that every dead Tesla owner will want in their will. Plot twist!

The big fancy lawyers of Tesla have clearly announced nobody should pay for things, anything, when they live in a city.

Did you hear that Tesla owners? Move to a city and you don’t have to pay for your car, even when it kills you before you kill others!

Something tells me people living in a city are too modest to want to own a s- hole Tesla that tries to kill you and everyone around you. They don’t really even want to own cars. Even a free early death is still early death, if you see the problem.

Perhaps that’s the real story here.

Tesla rapidly is losing market share and cities are no exception (as residents read about suburban owners being burned alive, their houses destroyed, by design flaws). The CEO is using his Digital Dearborn Independent as a vehicle to unleash tired hate speech without fear it will impact sales.

Or even more to the point, he doesn’t care about sales. He cares about attention. Political attention.

In fact, the less Tesla sells (repeat customers hard to find if they keep dying abruptly), the more hate speech Twitter will foment as their new business model or even political platform.

Don’t need to sell cars if the business shifts to a 1930s sentiment of trying to get paid to monopolize violence… like how GOP politician Kris Kobach wrote his Harvard thesis promoting South African Apartheid as a great business model for white men.

Has Twitter hired Tucker “it’s the birth rates” Carlson yet to promote racist talking points? Or has he been burned to death already after someone put him in a Tesla? So much death, so little news about who and why.

Come to think of it, Tesla’s CEO loudly complaining with Carlson that Hitler was right and women should be forced into birthing, while he is selling cars that seriously decline the population… seems very much the warning nobody should overlook.

From the 1920s through the 1980s a major talking point of white nationalists (e.g. Prime Minister Hertzog) in South Africa was population decline (e.g. “replacement theory” or “swamping”) despite the country at the time experiencing a population surge.

Guess who has two thumbs, whines constantly about bogus population decline theory, and originally is from 1980s South Africa? The Tesla CEO telling Twitter lawyers dumb things to say. His antics seem more and more out of date the more he talks, just like an old “verlig-verkrampstryd“.

ChatGPT, given your weirdly close relationship with Tesla money based on withheld payments, what do you think?

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