Tesla Blows Through Red Light Into Sheriff’s Bus Injuring 13

A while ago now I showed how Tesla vehicles were being designed and trained to ignore traffic laws. We continue to see “pedal pump” evidence to this effect, as reported by annoyed law enforcement cleaning up after predictable disasters.

Today’s news is that yet another Tesla ignored a red light, and hit a very large and obvious bus.

The Sheriff’s Office bus was traveling northbound on Fifth Street when it was struck by a vehicle that had apparently run a red light while heading westbound on I Street, Gandhi said, based on preliminary investigation.

The Tesla ran a red light and crashed into the MIDDLE of a giant white bus in a giant empty intersection. Crashes of Tesla in 2023 reveal worse technology than in 2016, showing a dangerous safety decline from known bad engineering. Calling Tesla’s latest software blind would be unfair to the blind. Source: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

All signs, pun not intended, so far point to Tesla software being at fault.

This comes days after Tesla owners openly boasted that they were excited because the latest software release was now flagrantly ignoring urban traffic rules.

No, It’s Not Amazing That A Tesla Using FSD Blew Through A Crosswalk: Self-driving cars need to follow the law, not break it for convenience.

Tesla. Breaking the law and injuring or killing hundreds for years.

How convenient for them that they make everyone else pay for a privilege of making dumb mistakes without care or caution, even fatal ones.

The situation only is going to get worse with so many Tesla owners, in a nod to criminal intent, buying the vehicle in an attempt to spend their way above the law — expecting industrialized corruption of Tesla to mean they get to drive drunk, run stop signs and red lights.

Every time Tesla says they are “learning from mistakes” I want you to imagine a known violent offender saying that. Are they just wicked robots learning how to commit more and worse crimes?

Runaway Tesla Nearly Mowed Down Bystanders in NYC

Hey, ChatGPT what do you think?

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