“If you really need a car, buy an old one and use it as little as possible”

Rowan Atkinson has some brilliant things to say about why nobody should be in a rush to buy an electric car.

In terms of manufacture, [modern ICE] cars have paid their environmental dues and, although it is sensible to reduce our reliance on them, it would seem right to look carefully at ways of retaining them while lowering their polluting effect. Fairly obviously, we could use them less.

Old cars haven’t actually paid their dues. In fact, their dues go up with use.

Source: EPA

I get what he’s saying though. Cars now end up lasting decades, almost like bicycles.

His bottom line is that he wants electric car purchases to come as a reasonable transition… instead of a rushed environmental disaster due to a “fashion” craze among attention-seeking buyers who crash and burn without care.

Gradual, thoughtful systemic changes made instead of rushed snakeoil? Seems logical.

Tesla ideas have been unquestionably bad for the environment, rather uniquely among electric vehicles. I’d say they are a joke, but Rowan Atkinson is the expert on that subject.

Poor quality engineering is why junkyards now see hundreds showing up in the first 10,000 miles.

It’s become the bell-bottom pants of cars, but more importantly perhaps the sweat-shop-made highly flammable toxic polyester pair that already have killed dozens.

In other words, if Tesla were a clothing company, they would be out of fashion far too quickly yet probably deemed illegal not fast enough.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed 1,000s of used Tesla flooding the market in San Diego, California. Apparently people there are realizing the immediate death trap risk, if not other long term catastrophic design and service failures. Should they be allowed to resell?

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