2023 Tesla FSD Still Runs Red Lights, Drawing AG and DOJ Attention

For a long time now I’ve written here about Tesla’s failure to stop at red lights.

Florida police seem to describe the problem like a traffic pandemic, due to sudden rise in Tesla crashes they see every week.

Now the AG and DOJ allegedly are taking notice of a brand new video by an ex-Tesla AI staff member demonstrating Tesla safety failures are as bad as ever in 2023 if not getting worse.

Very clearly the Tesla drives through a solid red light. And very clearly the whole advertising campaign of FSD centered on the ability to react properly to signs and lights.

California‘s attorney general’s office followed up with Wester during the second quarter of 2023 to interview him regarding the complaint filed with the FTC [that he was misled by FSD marketing]. Additionally, the office’s consumer protection division this month sought information from a former unnamed Tesla employee who worked on the FSD program for an “unspecified but active investigation” into Tesla, according to the CNBC report. […] Full Self Driving is billed as a more advanced technology that supposedly can stop for stoplights and stop signs and make turns at intersections.

Billed? Yeah, advertised. And yet, as technology quality expert Dan O’Dowd just wrote in a letter to Congress, FSD is extremely likely to be proven a total fraud.

Under current law, there are no restrictions to placing any technology in vehicles, no matter how dangerous that technology may be.

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