TX Tesla Kills One in “Veered” Tree Crash

Teslas that have “veered” fatally into the trees have been a nonstop problem lately (no pun intended). Here’s another one:

A man died and a woman was injured after crashing their Tesla into a tree in a south Houston neighborhood, police said.

The crash happened around 11 p.m. in the 6600 block of Del Rio…

The car burst into fire and the passenger was saved by neighbors who were fortunate enough to not be killed by a Tesla on the loose near them.

A quick check of the accident scene suggests “Autopilot” may have been involved.

Perhaps steering or suspension parts failed catastrophically, as the Tesla is not known for its quality or handling. That’s what the investigation points towards, with images of the car “veered” into a tree along a straight and flat road. It could be that alone.

Source: ABC 13
Source: Houston Chronicle

The trees clearly prevented the Tesla from crashing into at least one home at 11pm, threatening local residents like a cruise missile (e.g. NY).

And on that note it’s hard not to question whether the driver had depended at all on centrally designed and controlled automation systems, which couldn’t handle such a very simple test. The circumstances are very similar to so many other (e.g. NC) recent “veered driverless” Tesla crashes.

Source: Google Streetview

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